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Driving license for a nurse

I need advice to apply for a driving licence. My designation is ‘personnel officer’, my actual salary is KD 450, but in my work permit only KD 270 is mentioned. With this salary am I eligible to apply for a driving licence in Kuwait?

Answer: No, you can’t apply for a driving licence because the salary mentioned in your work permit is far below the KD 600 a month to be eligible.

I am a nurse working in a private medical company. I am getting KD 350 salary. In my work permit it is also mentioned KD 350. I have done bachelor degree, I have attested the degree certificate. I have been living in Kuwait for the past 5 years. Am I eligible to get driving licence, please explain.

Name withheld
Answer: Yes you can apply for a driving licence even though your salary of KD 350 per month is below the KD 600 required for eligibility. You are however, exempted from this salary requirement because you are a nurse which is one of the professions the Traffic Department exempts from meeting the salary and other requirements. However, for your application to be accepted you have to first apply to the Director-General of the Traffic Department for a waiver.

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