Sunday , September 23 2018

Driving license for a diploma holder from a university

I have an inquiry regarding the driving licence. My current salary is KD 650 and my designation is a supervisor. I hold a technical diploma from a university and I have completed 2 years in Kuwait. Can I get a driving licence?

Name withheld

Answer: There are three basic conditions you must meet before you can apply for a Kuwaiti driving licence. These are: a monthly salary of not less than KD 600, at least two-years stay in Kuwait since your first entry and last but least, a university degree holder. While you meet the first two conditions, you fall short of third condition which states unambiguously that you must have a university degree.

In your case you were awarded a diploma by a university but this diploma cannot be equated to a degree just because it was awarded by a university.

In short, your application for a Kuwait driving licence will not see the light of the day since you don’t meet all the three conditions stipulated above.


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