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Driving license – Designation changed from “Driver”

I got my driving license in 2012 with the designation of “driver” but my current designation is ????? . Will I be able to renew my license in 2022 with the same designation ????? or not.

Name withheld

Answer: Your driving license will not be renewed if the designation on the work permit is changed to something other than driver. And as the validity of the driving license is nowadays tied to the residence, you won’t have to wait until 2022 to see your license cancelled. By the way, 2022 is a very long way off and we can’t talk about laws over the next six years because laws on the issue change very fast. We only give advice according the laws already in place.

My license was issued in 2005 and expired in November 2015. I had left Kuwait but returned in July 2016. My current profession is supervisor. Will my expired Kuwait license be renewed. My profession was engineer when it was issued in 2005.

Name withheld

Answer: Once you leave Kuwait and your residence is cancelled, so is your driving — it is irrelevant when it expires. The rule is simple — no residence, no driving license. Now when you re-enter Kuwait, you have to apply for the renewal of your driver’s license after completion of your residence formalities. Normally, the Traffic Department has no objection to the renewal and only asks you to undergo the eye test. It does, however, sometimes object to the renewal in which case you will have to reapply for the license after meeting all the conditions.

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