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Driving License change from Housewife to a Teacher

I got my driving license as a house wife in December 2011 for ten years. I am going to change my residency to teacher soon. Will this affect my license as I have seen in your previous answers that licenses issued before April 2013 are not affected.

If my license remains valid still after changing my profession do I have to inform any authorities about this issue.

In case if it gets invalid can I apply for new license as you mentioned that teacher’s profession is exempted from two of the requirements (residency and salary conditions). My salary is KD 250.

Name withheld

Answer: It is true that instructions in this regard clearly state that licenses issued before April 2013 are not affected by the decision on the change in work status. So, theoretically you should have no problems but sometimes the person sitting at the counter just says “No” without realizing that people like you are allowed to keep their licenses even after the change in their designations.

And yes, you have to notify the Traffic Department about the change in your status as the same changes have to be made on the license. But if your license is cancelled you will have to wait for two years to reapply for the license unless you get an exemption from the head of the Traffic Department in your area.

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