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Wednesday , August 21 2019

Driving license – change in designation

Kindly advice, I have a driving licence which is blocked now due to designation change. The license was issued based on designation ‘computer engineer’ but after getting license I got job opportunity in another company and new company didn’t have engineer quota so they put my new designation as computer programmer, when I went for renewal they are telling me that due to change in designation your licence is blocked. Kindly advise what I can do. And when this block is cleared I want to apply again based on my salary. Note: I am university graduate (and my current salary is KD 700) Thanks in advance.

Name withheld

Answer: We suspect that you did not meet some of the requirements when you applied for the first driving licence but received a waiver by virtue of your ‘computer engineer’ designation. If our suspicion in correct, this will then mean that with the new designation of ‘computer programmer’, you no longer qualify for exemption from some of the requirements and hence the block on the renewal of your driving licence. Armed with your work permit in which it is indicated that your monthly salary is KD 700 and your attested university degree, we advise that you put in a fresh request for a renewal of your licence or failing that you have to apply all over again for a new licence. Be warned however that at the end of the day, the Traffic Department has the sole prerogative to either grant or reject your application in spite of the fact that you meet all requirements.

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