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Sunday , November 18 2018

Driving licence status showing expired in MOI website

I took my driving licence in Aug 2015 (designation as Site Engineer, salary KD300/-), renewed the licence on Aug 1, 2016 (same designation, Site Engineer) I changed my Iqama to another company on Oct 20, 2016 (designation as Technician) because engineer slot wasn’t available, with salary KD550/- since then licence status started showing as ‘expired’ in MOI website.

On Oct 20, 2017, changed Iqama designation to Programming Engineer in same company as the slot was available this year, when I applied for licence renewal, request was rejected.

I renewed the Iqama again in October this year. My current designation is same (Programming Engineer, NOC issued from KSE) with salary KD550/- and in MOI website it says as ‘No Driving Licence’. Kindly advise if there is a possibility to renew the same licence or I have to apply for a new licence from beginning?

Name withheld

Answer: So far as the website of the Ministry of Interior (MOI) indicates ‘No Driving Licence’ against your name, it means you don’t have a driving licence let alone to renew it. In short, if you want a driving licence you have to apply anew. Even though your monthly salary of KD550/- falls short of the minimum KD600/- required by the virtue of the fact that you are an engineer with a no-objection certifi cate from Kuwait Society of Engineers (KSE), you will be given a waiver from meeting that requirement.

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