Monday , September 24 2018

Driving licence lost due to change in designation

I have been working as a mechanical engineer and hold a driving licence, which is valid up to December 2019. However, I changed my company recently and driving licence got cancelled due to designation changed as supervisor.

My current salary is 750 which shows in work permit. I am available in Kuwait since August 2015. My licence was issued in December 2016. Kindly request you to advise me in this regards to get a new driving licence. As I heard from someone that I should wait for two years to apply for a new licence. Is it true?

Answer: At the time you were issued the driving licence in December 2016, you did not satisfy the two-year residency requirement that driving licence applicants must meet but you might have been given a waiver by virtue of the fact that your designation was mechanical engineer and hence qualified for a waiver with the change in designation, your driving licence was cancelled because under the traffic regulations supervisors do not qualify for any waivers.

However all is not lost yet since you can reapply for a new driving licence as you now meet the two-year residency requirement in addition to the fact that you earn a monthly salary of KD 750. The remaining requirement is being a university degree holder which we assume you are because of your earlier mechanical engineer designation

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