Saturday , September 22 2018

Drivers visa transferred to Technical Asst / PC Support / IT Support will i have problem with Driving license?

I was employed with my previous company for 2 months and they gave me a visa with “Driver” as my designation since going from place to place was part of my job as a technical support staff member. I did not finish my probation and left the company after 2 months since I had a better offer from my current employer as an IT support. I worked from a general trading company to a bank (current).

If my visa is transferred from Driver to Technical Asst / PC Support / IT Support with the current employer, will I be eligible to apply for a driver’s license considering my salary is KD 400 and now that I have lived in Kuwait for 2 years since Oct 1?

Name withheld

Answer: No, you will not be able to apply for the license because the salary ceiling has now been raised to KD 600 from the previous KD 400. So, as you don’t meet all the conditions for a driving license your application will not be accepted.

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