Tuesday , October 23 2018

‘Drifter’ gets bashed at Sabahiya wedding party

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 30: A quarrel broke out between a Kuwaiti citizen and an unknown individual in the parking area of a wedding hall in Sabahiya. According to security sources, the quarrel broke out between the citizen and the suspect after the latter was seen driving recklessly and on the verge of crashing into the parked vehicles. The two began to hit each other, forcing the bystanders to intervene and settle the quarrel.

The suspect managed to escape when the bystanders reported the issue to the Operations Room of Ministry of Interior. After securitymen rushed to the location, the citizen provided them with the description of the vehicle and details of suspect. Investigations have been launched to find and arrest the suspect.

Meanwhile, a Kuwaiti citizen filed a case at Jaber Al-Ali Police Station against the owner of a sports car. He accused the reckless driver of crashing his sports car into his vehicle which was parked in front of his house in the area, and fleeing from the location. Securitymen took necessary action.

By Meshal Al-Sanousi Al-Seyassah / Arab Times Staff

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