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Donation to Foundation no key to doors already open – Accusations denied

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 1: Sources in the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s election campaign have responded to the accusations made by Republican rival Donald Trump that the Clintons — Bill, Hillary and Chelsea — received funds from foreign governments, including Kuwait for the Clinton Foundation in return for providing political services to these governments, reports Al-Rai daily.

The sources pointed out that the meetings held by the former US Secretary of State with her Kuwaiti counterpart, for example, happened regardless of the donations given by the Government of Kuwait to the Clinton Foundation.

The sources stressed, Kuwait is one of the most prominent allies of the US and meetings that were held by the former Secretary of State with her Kuwaiti counterpart came in the context of natural relationships, alliance and cooperation and have nothing to do with any donations. Officials in the Clinton campaign said, since the US Fifth Fleet is stationed in Bahrain, “Can we close the door of the Secretary of State in the face of her Bahraini counterpart if Manama did not give charity money to the Clinton Foundation?”

“Of course not, the doors of Clinton’s office when she was Secretary of State and the doors of other agencies in our government remained always open to friendly countries and allied officials,” said the Clinton campaign officials.

The campaign of Hillary Clinton stressed the foundation is purely a charity organization and Bill, Hillary or Chelsea Clinton do not receive salaries from the foundation. What the Clintons do at the Foundation is purely voluntary work, the campaign officials stressed

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