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Domestics from India on hold – ‘Traveler’ trial Oct 22

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 17: Al- Durra Company and other concerned agencies have suspended the recruitment of domestic workers from India until further notice, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting sources.

Despite the departure of a delegation from Al-Durra Company to hire Indian domestic workers at a suitable price, certain parties disrupted and hindered procedures by preventing contracting and agreements from agencies on the Indian side, sources revealed.

Sources asserted such parties seem keen on controlling the recruitment of domestic workers to serve personal interests. Sources said the main objective behind the act is to distribute the quota to agencies working towards the failure of Al-Durrah Company in a bid to increase the recruitment cost from KD 1,000 to KD 2,000 per contract; as well as to open the door for direct contracting.

A series of meetings were held in the last few days between the government, founders of the company and relevant entities to discuss the urgent problems, sources said. Meanwhile, following the end of investigations, Iranian authorities have set Oct 22 for the trial of the Kuwaiti citizen Faleh Al-Azmi who was detained in an Iranian military base after he trespassed into the base located on Iranian-Turkish borders by mistake, reports Al-Rai daily.

Al-Azmi’s uncle, Mutlaq Al- Heim, said the family was informed about the completion of investigations by the Revolutionary Guards and that he is in good health condition as well as that he was referred to the court for trial. He revealed that the information was conveyed to the family via the Kuwaiti consul to Iran, indicating that Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been following up the issue. Al-Heim insisted that his nephew loves travelling and has no feelings of enmity towards Iran.

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