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Sunday , December 8 2019

Domestic workers hiring offices are kept in check

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 9: Kuwait Union for Domestic Workers Offices has assessed the action taken by Domestic Workers Department affiliated to General Department for Residence Affairs at the Ministry of Interior against violations committed by the domestic workers hiring offices after they were caught harboring and sheltering workers who had violated the terms and conditions of contracts with their employers, reports Al-Anba daily.

This is in addition to the role played by the departing in taking legal action against the irregularities committed by these offices. Head of Domestic Workers Offices Union Khalid Al-Dakhnan in a press statement spoke of the need to make a list of violations committed by the offices. He also spoke about making a list of what he called ‘phantom’ and unlicensed offices to warn citizens and residents of dealing with these violating offices.

He went on to say that the membership will be cancelled and withdrawn from any office in case of sheltering or entertaining runaway domestic workers and ‘selling’ them to other sponsors for monetary benefits. He added, Kuwait is keen on protecting the domestic workers under the domestic workers law, which provides the domestic workers their rights and freedoms, considered the best in the world

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