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Does company have rights to terminate because of pregnancy?

I work for a private company which is a wellness centre. I finished my 1 year service with them & still going on. I am planning to have a baby. I handle machines with radio frequency (RF), but once I am pregnant, I cant treat clients with RF as it not safe for the foetus. My job description is not just limited with the treatments I give. Will it affect my job security? Do they have the right to terminate me from job because I am pregnant? Waiting for reply.

Name withheld

Answer: Under Kuwait Labour Law, pregnancy should not form a basis to be dismissed from one’s job or to suffer job insecurity, having said the preceding, we must point out that in spite of the Labour Law not every employer or even employee will want to go by the letter and spirit of the provisions of the law.

The realization that functional breaches might at work places has given use to the institution of mechanism to address these breaches when they occur.

Answering your question directly, your company cannot terminate your appointment when you become pregnant, but if they do, you can take them on as the law is on your side. Luckily for your job description is not just limited to the treatments that you give. And hence, in the event of you becoming pregnant you can apply to be put on other schedules that will not require you to handle machines with radio frequency (RF)

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