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Documents required to bring family to Kuwait

I am working in Kuwait with profession of general observer. I have a engineering certificate. I would like to bring my family (wife and kids, aged 2-1/2 and 5 years). Could you please guide me through the documents and the stamping/attestations required.

Name withheld

Answer: In answering this question we assume that you meet the salary threshold of KD 450 per month to be able to sponsor members of your family on dependent visas. If our assumption is right then you need the following documents to enable you to apply for your family’s dependent visas at the Immigration Department in your area:

1. Copies of your wife’s and children’s passports

2. An affidavit (attested by your embassy in Kuwait and the Kuwait Foreign Ministry annexe in Shuwaikh) showing your relationship with the persons you wish to bring in.

3. Marriage certificate (attested by the Foreign Ministry in your country, your embassy in Kuwait and the Kuwait Foreign Ministry in Shuwaikh.)

4. Your work permit (showing salary of KD 450 or more)

5. Rental contract

6. Copy of your Civil ID.

Withe above mentioned documents in hand you will not have any problem in getting the visas for your wife and children. Having said this, you must however have at the back of your mind that the officials at the Immigration Department are the final arbiters and they can decide to accept or reject your application.

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