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Divorce rate seen increasing in summer – MoJ statistics reveal shocking findings

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KUWAIT CITY, May 16: Recent statistics by the Ministry of Justice revealed a shocking divorce rate that increases during summer and falls in July when the weather reaches the peak with 56 degrees, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The interpretation given to the drastic disparity is that most families travel around that time, which means the temperament is normally low with the cold weather in Europe, and Asia becoming a source of delight.

The data indicate the rate of divorce falls to around 502 in July and rises to about 643 in August and reaches 636 in June.

The study revealed that women are more concerned about marital problems than men. The best solution suggested is that there should be widespread change in the culture of concept and contentment on the side of Kuwaiti women.

They should realize that there are individual differences so they can always arrive at a point of agreement or compromise.