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Divorce and sponsorship of child

I have been offered a job in Kuwait, but my husband has applied for a divorce and the case is ongoing. I want to take my child along with me to Kuwait. What are the formalities and what if in child passport her father’s name is not mentioned? Will it be a problem? In my passport its single, can I take the baby with me.

Name withheld

Answer: No, you cannot bring the baby along with you because under Kuwait law it is only the man who can sponsor members of his family on dependent visa provided that the man is earning a monthly salary of KD 450 or more.

Even though sometimes women are allowed to sponsor their children on compassionate grounds, we are afraid this exception may not be applicable to you since you are yet to enter Kuwait and hence, have not processed your residence permit that will enable to seek an exemption from the Director General of Immigration.

So our advice to you, therefore, is that in the meantime you should shelve the idea of bringing your child along with you as that is not possible.

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