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Sunday , November 18 2018

Deterioration of tourism sector tied to ‘delay’ in implementing dev projects – Market lacks adequate luxurious hotel apts

KUWAIT CITY, May 16: Even though Kuwait is open to modern, cultural and economic openness, enjoys security and stability, and possesses several capabilities and touristic locations that can attract tourists from various parts of the world, there are many obstacles hindering its transformation for boosting tourism.

According to an informed source, the delay in developmental projects such as touristic projects as well as the lack of lands for touristic companies to execute their projects has led to the deterioration of the tourism sector.

Its contribution to the GDP of the country is barely 2 percent, which is very small compared to other countries where tourism controls about 15 percent of the revenues. He indicated that the total investments of Kuwait in the tourism sector are not more than $450 million.

The source explained that the market lacks adequate luxurious hotel apartments for tourists. The currently available hotel apartments are extremely few which cannot meet the demands. The available ones are not more than 3,000 apartments, while Kuwait attracts almost three million GCC tourists per year.

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