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Sunday , September 25 2022

Detention of Bangladeshi MP continues for selling visas to huge number of menial workers and money laundering

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KUWAIT CITY, Jun 8: The Public Prosecution ordered yesterday to continue detention of Bangladeshi member of parliament, Muhammad Shahid Islam, who is widely known in his country as “Kazi Papul”, on charges of human trafficking, money laundering, where thousands of menial workers to Kuwait along with his Kuwaiti partner.

The Public Prosecution had ordered the detectives to arrest and produce before the court to face the charges. The Public Prosecution also ordered the request to hear his testimony and provide its details and the investigations.

The accused Bangladeshi MP stated before the Public Prosecution that he has been working in Kuwait for 10 years, and has a valid residency and he is a partner in one of the cleaning companies that he established with a Kuwaiti, and he works as a general manager. He also stated that he provides work to the Bangladeshi community in Kuwait without charging any compensation and it is social work which he has been doing.

The Bangladeshi MP denied the statements of the seven Bangladeshi witnesses heard by the Public Prosecution, that each of them gave an amount of 2,500 dinars to Bangladeshi MP to bring them to Kuwait to work as a driver for him, but they were surprised by the lack of job opportunities for them, and that the Bangladeshi MP asked them for more amount if they wanted to renew their residence.

The detectives arrested the Bangladeshi MP from his home in the Mishref area, after they had obtained permission from the Public Prosecution to arrest and search the house, on charges of human trafficking (trade of residencies and visas) and money laundering through cleaning companies that acquired government contracts to bring in the largest possible number of unskilled workers.

To summarize the incident, the Ministry of Interior received several complaints from workers whose salaries have been not paid for a long time, in addition to workers who were brought on government contracts for the cleaning company, on checking the records it was found that they brought thousands of workers to government and service contracts, but they did not transfer them immediately after the end of the contract. It constituted a large number of menial workers who were refrained from paying their salaries hence immediately a decision was issued to suspend the company file and refer it to the Public Prosecution.

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