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Deportation awaits those expats who escape from isolated areas

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KUWAIT CITY, Jun 10: Security source warned that any attempt to escape from isolated areas will lead to deportation, pointing out that the Ministry of Health imposed isolation on the residents of certain areas through which it aims to limit the spread of the Corona virus among large groups.

Lieutenant General Sheikh Ahmed Al-Nawaf and Major Farag Al-Zoubi during the inspection tour

The source stated that security is spread over in all areas to maintain security and to implement the partial ban issued by the Council of Ministers, and at the enterance and exit points of the isolated areas security points enable suppliers of medical and food companies to enter and exit, in order to cover all the needs of those isolated areas.

On the other hand, the Governor of Hawally, Lt. Gen. Ahmad Al-Nawaf and the Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for General Security Affairs Major General Farag Al-Zoubi conducted an inspection tour of the security points in the isolated Hawalli area.

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