Dependent visas of children

I want some information on dependent visas. My kids are holding valid dependent visas up to May 2017. Now they are in my native place. Unfortunately my company terminated me last week and my visa will expire next month. Due to this situation my company will cancel my visa. If I go to my native place and come back on new visa by another company what will happen to the residence of my children. I am planning to bring my kids also at that time. How do I know if my kids visas are valid or not at that time? How can I change my kids sponsorship to my wife without my kids in the country (my wife holds a valid employment visa)?

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Answer: Please remember that your children’s residence will also be cancelled if yours is cancelled by the company. You can always check about the validity of the children’s residence by going to the Interior Ministry


Please remember that the Interior Ministry (through the Immigration Department) may allow you to transfer the children’s residence to the sponsorship of your wife (through the special permission of the Director General of Immigration) for a short while to sort out your problems. But the important thing to remember here is that you can do this transaction while the children are out of Kuwait. They have to be physically present in the country for the transaction to be performed.

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