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Dependent visa for new born for Parents who don’t meet salary requirement & exempted

Q1. I am here in Kuwait on a dependent visa. Now I am 8 months pregnant. My husband’s salary is below 450 KD. I heard there is new law for dependent visas with the minimum KD 450. Will be possible to get residency for my new born baby in Kuwait. Please clarify.

Q2. I want to know about the new rule on residence for new born babies. My husband has a KD 300 salary. Will there be any problems in this case to get residence for my baby. My salary is more than KD 500 and I am working in MoH as a staff nurse. Is it possible to getting residence for my baby as my dependent. My colleague is also facing a similar situation. Please gives me a favorable reply

Q3: We are expecting a new born baby in the coming months with the delivery planned in Kuwait. My basic salary is KD 425 and my wife is not working. Can I get a visa for my new born baby?

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Answer: As all the three answers are on the same subject, we are clubbing all of them so we can provide a detailed answer not only to their question but the whole issue. Before we go on and deal specifically with the above questions we would like to clarify that the concerned minister, while announcing the KD 450 salary cap, clearly said that the decision would not affect those expatriates who were already in the country before the decision was announced nor would it affect those expatriates whose residencies are to be renewed. But some explanations were not made which have left a lot of doubts in the minds of expatriates.

The relevant ministry has clarified that the cases of expatriates who are already in Kuwait or who were born in the country and make less than KD 450 a month will be reviewed by the director general of the Immigration Department to see whether they can be exempted from the minimum salary requirement.

This will be done on a case by case basis. But in spite of the above clarifications doubts remain about children born (both in and out of Kuwait) to parents who are either already on dependent visas or who are both working in the country.

While there have been no clear instructions on the subject, the previous law which said that the salary cap for parents already in Kuwait will not been considered has not been cancelled.

This means that parents already in Kuwait (either on dependent visas or work permits) and not meeting the salary condition will not face problems getting residence for their newborns … but permission will have to be obtained from the Director General of Immigration.

The minister’s also exempted 14 categories from the KD 450 minimum salary condition as follows: Advisors, judges, public prosecution staff, legal experts and researchers in the public sector; doctors and pharmacists; professors at universities, colleges and higher institutes; public school principals and vice-principals, education supervisors, teachers, social advisors and laboratory assistants in the public sector; academic, financial and economic consultants; engineers; imams, preachers, muezzins and Quran teachers; librarians in government establishments and private universities; health ministry staff including nurses, paramedics, technicians and social service workers; social workers and psychologists in the public sector; journalists, media staff and reporters; coaches and players affiliated with sports associations and clubs; pilots and flight attendants; and washers and buriers of dead bodies.

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