Dependent visa issued but not used, can i apply for family visit visa for my wife?

I firstly thank you for the clarifications that you have been providing to all the expatriates here in Kuwait and appreciate the efforts put in.

My query: I had got a family dependent residence visa issued for my wife almost 3 months ago.

However, my mother in law became very ill owing to her old age due to which my wife decided not to travel. I wanted to cancel my wife’s visa so I had asked my wife to courier me the original visa from India. Unfortunately she has misplaced the visa.

Now, I do not wish to get into hassles of legal formalities by approaching the immigration department.

Owing to her mother’s ill health, she has delayed her plans to settle in Kuwait with me, but wants to visit me for a short duration.

So once the current dependent residence visa expires (which is in 2 weeks time), can I apply for a family visit visa immediately for my wife since the earlier visa has not been utilized at all.

Name withheld
Answer: You don’t have to worry about the issue. As soon as the visa you have expires, you can apply for another one.

You don’t have to get the current visa cancelled, unlike work permits, because dependent visas expire automatically if these are not used within the time mentioned at the bottom of the visa.

So, just go ahead and apply for the visit visa. The immigration officials will not ask you about the expired dependent’s visa but just in case they do, just tell them the truth – she has changed plans to settle in Kuwait.

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