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Dependent visa for a Daughter above 18 yrs old

I am an ardent reader of your newspaper and follow articles on the Legal Clinic as well. I thank you for the proper response to variety of problems.

I have one query as below: My daughter was born in 1994 and we came to Kuwait in 2009 and she joined school here from 10th standard. Later she went back to India for further education in 2012. We did not renew her residency when it expired due to our other financial responsibilities.

However, now that she has completed her graduation, we want to bring her back on dependent visa as she is not married. Our request for bringing her to Kuwait was denied with the explanation that she has crossed the age limit to be sponsored as dependent.

My husband’s salary on work permit is KD 700. I am constantly reading that in certain cases if the application is submitted to the Director-General of Immigration, it will be granted. I want your kind assistance in this matter. I would also like to know that if I need to submit the application where should I go and submit the application.

Name withheld

Answer: It is true that the Director-General of Immigration in some cases can exercise his discretion to grant an applicant’s request on an issue that will not be ordinarily granted by a subordinate officer.

Having said this, we would like to add that, booking an appointment with the Director-General especially if it not with the recommendation of a junior officer, is not an easy task.

Your case puts you in a very difficult situation as the original application was rejected with the reason that your daughter has crossed the age limit to qualify for sponsorship.

If this rejected application is presented to the officer in charge of booking appointments to see the Director-General, he is most likely to prevent you from going forward.

However, there is no harm in trying, you could be lucky, who knows? The Director-General’s office is in Farwaniya Immigration Department.

Kindly send your queries to arabtimes@arabtimesonline.com or admin@arabtimesonline.com

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