Dependent visa for baby

I just want to ask for help with regard to my baby born in Kuwait. I want to get a dependent visa for him, but my salary is KD 100 and my wife’s salary is KD 650. What should I do? My sponsor is ready to increase my salary to KD 450. My visa expires on 10/11/2017.

Name withheld

Answer: Your wife’s salary of KD 650 is more than enough but unfortunately the laws of Kuwait do not permit women to sponsor their children even though some exceptions are sometimes made to this rule. Your sponsor’s offer to increase your salary to KD 450 must be reflected in your work permit and if this is done successfully you will have no difficulty in getting a dependent visa for your child. Your application will however be rejected if your sponsor’s offer is in the form of a salary certificate.

We must also caution that an application to change a salary of KD 100 to KD 450 might raise eyebrows at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour when such applications are lodged. If no tangible explanation is given for such an astronomical increase in salary the application might be rejected.

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