Friday , February 23 2018

Dependent Residence Passport linking

I have the following query: My daughter’s passport expires in April 2016 whereas her Iqama (residence) expires in August 2017. I am the sponsor and my Iqama expires in June 2016. If I get a new passport for my daughter, will her Iqama be transferred to the new passport as it is valid up to August 2017 or will the duration of this residence be reduced according to the validity of my Iqama (which as mentioned above expires in June 2016)?

Name withheld

Answer: According to the new law, the validity of a dependent’s residence totally depends on the validity of the sponsor’s residence and every time you go to get a residence for your dependents or try to renew it, the first thing that will be checked is your residence. So, in your case, the validity of your daughter’s residence will be reduced according to the validity of your residence

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