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Monday , November 29 2021

Demand for ‘corona masks’ doubles in 2 days

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 16: Demand for ‘protection masks’ has doubled over the past two days in pharmacies and medical stores to fight the novel corona virus, reports Al- Qabas daily.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has issued a decision to ban the re-export of medical masks of all kinds for a period of two months from the date of the decision, after a recommendation was issued by the Ministry of Health in accordance with Resolution No. 44 of 2020, parallel to the increase in demand for medical masks globally and as a precautionary measure.

Informed sources told Al-Qabas that the Ministry of Health recommended the issuance of this decision to preserve the stockpiles of medical masks locally, whether in pharmacies or in facilities affiliated to the ministry, indicating that it is following the developments of the spread of the corona virus emerging (COVID-19) in some countries, to ensure optimal interaction with any new developments in this regard.

The sources stressed that the country was free from any infections until yesterday afternoon, noting that the WHO assessment of the virus is still very high in China, and it is regionally and globally dangerous. The sources also indicated that the medical masks are distributed to patients free of charge in health facilities, as they are sold at cheap prices in pharmacies and at sites that also sell medical supplies and equipment, and their prices range from 100 fils to one and a half dinars for the ‘filtered’, which witnesses a high demand for prevention of the disease.

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