Sunday , November 19 2017

Decisions on traffic timely, in the interest of Kuwait – Big change noticed: Al-Jazzaf

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 2: The head of the traffic safety team, Sultan Al- Jazzaf, said he supports the decisions issued by the Ministry of Interior in recent days, describing them as bold and important and in the interest of Kuwait, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Al-Jazzaf added, these decisions will impose the prestige of the law on the street and will contribute to tackling many problems in the coming period. “The decisions were made in a timely manner in order to contribute to the organization of the streets and sidewalks, especially after the country witnessed a lot of chaos and violations because of failure to comply with the traffic laws by a large number of drivers.

These violations include parking vehicles in ‘No Parking’ zones, using mobile phone while driving which is the main cause of traffic accidents and parking on pavements which cause damage, he said.

Al-Jazzaf pointed out he noticed a big change on the day the law was enforced and it was clear the drivers are aware of the penalties and fines. He explained, according to official statistics, the use of mobile phone while driving is the biggest cause of traffic accidents in the country in recent years, not to mention the disrespect for wearing seat belts which has led to many deaths.

Al-Jazzaf has called on the Interior Ministry to not be lenient in the implementation of decisions, especially as they achieve several benefits that are in the interest of Kuwait first, and then the safety of drivers and their vehicles.

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