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Friday , February 21 2020

Death shocks family, friends, colleagues

car accidentKUWAIT CITY, Nov 4: Haider Akram, a young Pakistani man lost his life Tuesday morning, Nov 3 after his car skidded in the rain and hit a lamppost on Fahaheel Road near Fintas area.

The car had almost split into two upon impact, and firefighters eventually had to cut the car open to pull out the victim’s body.

According to an eyewitness Sandeep, who was incidentally the victim’s friend and colleague, the two were on their way to appear for an examination but in two different cars. Sandeep was following Haider in his Chevrolet vehicle when a Cherokee jeep tried to cut in front of Haider’s car, forcing Haider to apply the brakes.

However, the car skidded in the continuous slight drizzle. Even though Haider tried his best to control the car, he failed and the car spun twice before hitting a lamppost on the side of the road. The lamppost fell on the car, almost crushing Haider, which eventually led to his demise.

Firefighters, upon arrival, had to slice the car in two to retrieve Haider’s body. Sandeep said the victim was not speeding and was within the speed limit of 110-120 kph.

The news of Haider’s tragic death was a huge shock for his family, friends and colleagues in Kuwait. Hundreds of young men, acquaintances and family members turned up for Haider’s funeral at Sulaibikhat cemetery on Wednesday evening. His body will be flown to his home country Pakistan on Wednesday night.

By M. Saleem A. Rahman Arab Times Staff

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