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Death penalty sought in bid to cut murders in the family – Drugs, broken families cause of rise in domestic crimes

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 3: There has been a recent increase in the rate of domestic crimes in the country, which are uncommon in the Kuwaiti society, such as parents killing their child and putting the corpse inside a deep freezer or a child killing his parent and sibling, and many such incidents.

These incidents necessitate urgent well-studied responses for curbing such a phenomenon that threaten the family entity as well as social stability. In an investigative report, experts affirmed that the spread of crimes and violence in Kuwait is attributed to the ease in acquiring weapons, lack of religious principles and family disintegration, in addition to widespread use of narcotics and lack of respect for the law.

They stressed the importance of intensifying awareness campaigns inside schools for children as well as for parents on proper upbringing of children, and initiating fierce war against drugs, which have been attributed to many of these crimes.

Citizens who participated in this report called for imposing tough penalties on criminals in order to reduce the rate of domestic crimes, insisting that capital punishment should be given to those who kill their parents, siblings and even friends.

They said responsible parents should be aware of the risks involved in the presence of weapons inside homes, stressing that proper and secure storage for such weapons should be ensured. They insisted that law enforcers should ensure reverence of the law is maintained in order to deter crimes.

In this regard, a professor of Psychology at Kuwait University Dr. Khodar Al-Baroun said the increase in the rate of domestic crimes in the society is due to high level of family disintegration, which is usually caused by high divorce rate, and growing use of narcotics.

Meanwhile, Lawyer Hamdan Al-Namshan stressed that domestic crimes in Kuwait have increased, which could be attributed to lack of family atmosphere compared to the past, as well as congestion of family members who live under the same roof. He insisted that a proper housing welfare solution might reduce the number of domestic crimes in a significant manner due to the fact that it will reduce the number of family disputes that erupt among the members of a huge family who live under the same roof.

Furthermore, a Muslim preacher Saleh Al-Ghanim affirmed that the penalty imposed on those who kill intentionally is to be killed in retribution. He stressed that domestic crimes are considered worse than other crimes due to the family ties, adding that implementation of Sharia law is the right solution due to its strictness in dealing with such crimes.

By Najeh Bilal Al-Seyassah Staff

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