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Friday , February 28 2020

Dawoud Hussein undergoes cardiac catheterization … in good condition

Maram preps for ‘Al December’ shooting

Dawoud Hussein

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 2: Artiste Dawoud Hussein who underwent a cardiac catheterization in a hospital is in good condition and is believed to be recuperating, reports Al-Rai daily.

Maram Al-Balushi

Meanwhile , Maram Al-Balushi is preparing for filming her scenes in the new TV series ‘Al December’, written by Bandar Al Saeed and Abdullah Al Areefan, and directed by Noman Hussein, while a group of artistes are participating in the play such as Tariq Al Ali, Jamal Al-Radhan, Mais Kamer, Muhammad Al-Failakawi, Muhammad Al-Sarraf and Heba Al Absi, Hayam Al-Hassan, Youssef Al-Matar, Badjad Mohammed and Jassem Al-Balushi, in addition to a large number of guests artistes, reports Alrai daily.

She said, ‘Al-December’ tells about a fictional story about a tribe which had to leave Russia and settled in the Gulf states, where every day members of the tribe are exposed to different situations. About her new series, Maram said, “I was not planning any artistic activity for the coming period, but I had intended to take a short break from acting, especially after I finished filming two series over the past days.”

Ahmed Iraj

In the meantime, artist Ahmed Iraj has left for the city of Al-Ahsa in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to take part in the rehearsal of the play ‘Ela’ab Ala Al-Madmoun’ (Play on the Content) which will be staged on Jan 8, 2020, reports Al-Rai daily. The play is written by Abdel Baqi Al-Bakhit and directed by Moataz Al-Abdullah under the supervision of General Ali Abdul Mohsen. Taking part in the play are several artistes from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, among them Khaled Al-Ajeerab and Sultan Al-Faraj from Kuwait, and from Saudi Arabia Rashid Al-Warthan, Abdul Rahman Al-Muzail and Abdullah Al-Fuhaid, and from Bahrain Salwa Bakhit, Hassan Mohamed and Al-Mahra from Bahrain.

Iraj told the Al-Rai daily the play is a satirical comedy as it deals with many social issues that touches the Gulf community and said he is extremely happy to meet the Saudi public. She added: “But I received an offer for Al-December that I could not reject and I agreed immediately, and I am honored to be part of the staff.”

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