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‘Customs never hesitate to refer violators to law’

KUWAIT CITY, May 9, (KUNA): The General Administration of Customs never hesitated to refer any suspected legal violation to prosecutors, the administration affirmed in a statement Tuesday, after police arrested an employee for allegedly receiving bribes.

The General Administrations of Customs was working hand in hand with all relevant state institutions, especially the Interior Ministry to ensure the enforcement of law on all without exceptions, it stated. It underlined keenness on countering corruptions in all its forms and manifestations.

The administration reaffirmed full confidence in the customs staff “who work around the clock to protect the Kuwaiti society from harmful and illegal goods”.

Commenting on reports about the arrest of a senior customs official for receiving bribes, the administration noted that the initial information indicated that Kuwaiti police had arrested an Arab legal specialist working for the administration. In a first reaction, the Administration Director General Jamal Al-Jalawi formed an urgent investigation committee to coordinate with the Interior Ministry to collect all information about the case and to make sure that all customs regulations were implemented precisely. The administration vowed that a detailed statement would be issued later to unveil all facts related to the case.

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