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Thursday , August 18 2022

CSC, Fatwa Dept accused of interfering in KU activities

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KUWAIT CITY, Dec 5: Kuwait University Faculty Association accused Civil Service Commission (CSC) and the Department of Fatwa and Legislation of interfering in the activities of the institute, affirming Kuwaiti law grants Kuwait University independence in decision making, reports Al-Rai daily.

In this context, chairman of the association Dr Ibrahim Al-Hamoud emphasized the bureaucracy has hindered the progress of the institute, which remains backward while other universities are attaining growth. He stressed that Kuwaiti law that empowered the university council to play the role expected of Civil Service Commission made no mention of the Department of Fatwa and Legislation, even though the latter was in existence even before the law. He reasoned that budget of the university shouldn’t have been left with administrators who are neither familiar with academic activities nor its needs and requirements.

He disclosed the association will be impatiently waiting for the Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr Mohammad Al-Fares to carry out necessary reform as a way of renaissance for tertiary education in the country. He indicated Kuwait University is getting old after 50 years whereas its peers are full of activities and rejuvenating. He stressed that universities normally gain more experience and become innovative as they advance in age. He reiterated notable universities such as Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Sorbonne, Strasburg, Cairo and Ain Shams have all exceeded hundreds of years but continue to top universities rankings. He lamented Kuwait University is retrogressing instead of progressing.