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Wednesday , January 29 2020

Crime branch tracks down int’l gang of Indian thieves

KUWAIT CITY, May 31: Personnel from the Public Funds and Forgery Crimes Department have made a remarkable success by identifying an international gang of five Indian robbers, reports Al-Rai daily.

The daily added the five suspects presented forged monetary drafts done in a professional manner on behalf of some companies and requested the bank to transfer the money outside the country and left the country immediately. According to security sources the five men entered the country on May 1, 2016 for a few hours, during which they met in a coffee shop.

The sources added the men then submitted the forged transfer drafts signed by leading companies in Kuwait to a number of local banks for money transfers, some of them believed to be worth millions, to where they can have access to the cash easily.

The sources added the members of the gang are professional thieves, cautious in approach and carried forged civil IDs, driving licenses and passports. The sources pointed out after the departure of all the suspects, one of the banks discovered that one of the companies had not issued a draft for transfer of money when the company filed a complaint following which a circular was sent to all banks to stop any transfer of money.

The sources added, a team was which was formed to investigate issue, checked the CCTV cameras installed at the airport, banks, hotels and the coffee shop and managed to identify the five people with the help of the Criminal Investigations Departments of the GCC States.

One of the suspects was arrested in Qatar and extradited to Kuwait, while two are believed to be holed up in the UAE and expected to be caught and extradited, one has been arrested by Bahrain and is expected to be extradited soon while the fi fth is believed to be in India and the Kuwaiti Interpol has sent a request to its Indian counterpart to arrest the man.

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