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Crackdown on unlicensed recruiters for domestics

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 5: The Domestic Personnel Department of Ministry of Interior launched an intensive crackdown on domestic personnel recruitment offices in all six governorates in line with Law No. 17/1957 and ministerial Decision No. 617/1992.

According to a press statement issued by Ministry of Interior, the team raided and closed down an unlicensed office in Hawally area after monitoring it through a social networking website and confirming that it was not licensed by the ministry.

The team also raided an event management office that brought domestic personnel into the country illegally without holding the necessary license. It confiscated all the documents that were found inside the office including personnel receipts which the office had issued under the name of another office.

The officers arrested two individuals including a Bedoun who managed an unlicensed domestic personnel recruitment office. Necessary legal procedures deterwere taken against the two suspects and they were referred to the concerned authorities.

The crackdown was organized based on instructions from Assistant Undersecretary for Citizenship and Passport Affairs Major General Sheikh Mazen Al-Jarrah. The latter stressed the need to continuously monitor the activities of the domestic personnel recruitment offices to ensure they do not commit any violations.

The Department of Citizenship and Passport Affairs affirmed that such campaigns will continue to be held in all governorates and the concerned authorities will continue monitoring the offices and advertisements related to domestic personnel.

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