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Cozmo stun Haribon Slazers, Pongky Strikers down Swooping Eagles

Pin Pals outclass newly formed team X-Pin DBowls

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 11: This season entries were limited due to the forthcoming GCC-AFBT to be held at Oman on November 2018 and big points amassed for every engagement is significant whether a team is a loser or a winner. From previous tournaments top eight teams after the elimination round will forward to the championship round while in this Invitation Cup only the top 6 teams vie for the championship round. To make chances high for the finals, proper coordination regarding punctuality and attendance during the scheduled games be implied to all members. For new and non-rated teams extra practice is a must to enhance members’ consistency and competitiveness not clinging to huge handicap.

In the second week of the elimination round of the Philippine Bowling Association in Kuwait-2018 Invitational Bowling Cup held at the COZMO Recreation and Bowling Center in Kheifan, majority of the winners were non-rated teams like NUSANTARA, Pin Pals, Pongky Strikers and SKARZ playing bye while COZMO Lane Specialists were the only winners from rated teams.

The collision between the two lucky strikers’ teams with equal bowlers gravity, Pongky Strikers proved superior over Swooping Eagles, winning all scheduled three games 964-839, 959-844, 995-905 (2,907-2,588). Pongky Strikers’ top scorer was Jhon Narvasa (485) followed by fast improving lady bowlers Imelda Calingasan (469), Jocelyn Barros (396), Chat Sarne (383), come backer Jess Tolentino (314) and Gener Calingasan (136) while Swooping Eagles’ high scorer was ever smiley Jessica Balagat (461) with Riz Roque (433), Danny Solis (291), Alonzo Bush (254), Darrell Sullivan (257), Clinton Cathers (144), Mona Corpus (143) and May Sullivan (93).

Surprisingly, the team playing with depleted lineup NUSANTARA won the game over rated team with complete lineup the “X” Strikers 2,821-2,743. After the first two games, “X” Strikers was ahead of sixty seven points over NUSANTARA 866-971, 1,046-874 (1,912-1,845). But in the third game, the X-Men faltered against the Indonesian team 831-926. NUSANTARA’s team captain Ahmed Fahmi scored 502 followed by Gantosori Tanjung (498), Benyamin Hasan (432) and Nuki M (387) while “X” Strikers point man was Rocky Castil (514) supported by Abel Nitikusumo (458), Joe Presenta (443), Cris Carungay (374) Bima Nitikusumo (249) and Imelda Daguio (117).

Another puny team shielded with huge handicap, the Pin Pals stunned the newly formed team X-Pin DBowls, 2,582-2,549 whose players came from a defunct over-rated team who played with depleted line up. After the first two games the X-Pin DBowls lead by 24 points with the score of 1,705-1,681. In the third game, Pin Pals newly recruit, Travis Rodrigues got out of the game and four players continued so the handicap was lessen by 40 points but were fortunate enough to win the game 851-844 by 7 points advantage. Pin Pals’ lucky bowlers were Raj Reddy (449), Allan Fernandes (442), Agnello Fernandes (388) and Neeta Fernandes (322) while X-Pin DBowls’ top pointer was Mohammad Abdullah (480), assisted by Sonia Mathews (478), Fadi Masri (433) and Rudy de Lima (422).

Finally, fearless Cozmo Lane Masters stupefied the self confident Haribon Slazers after winning the first two games of the 3-game series. After the two games, Haribon had an advantage of 131 points, 964-921, 972-884 and were dauntless that they will win the game. Playing without heed their performance dwindled and produced insignificant results while the Cozmo team fought courageously with their team captain Noe Mahayag and Ibrahim Al Dubayan lead and anchored the team that resulted to miraculous victory 1,038-848 and the final result was 2,868-2,784 and maintain holding the second week top rank. Big scorer was Noe Mahayag (573) followed by Ibrahim Al Dubayan (504), Ruben Cervantes (504), Ely Ebrada (449) and Lito Michael (284) while Haribon Slazers bowlers were Eddie Pena (479), newly acquired tandem Pilar Patula (470) and Sam Behbehani (386), Rene Marzan (467) and Mar Evangelista (434). Playing bye was SKARZ team and the bowlers were Leonel Mendes (364), Ignastius Fernandes (344) and Eden Danan (337).

Meanwhile, the ranking in the first week was: 1. Cozmo (2,941); 2. X-Pin DBowls (2,917); 3. Pongky Strikers (2,714); 4. Haribon Slazers (2,713); 5. Swooping Eagles (2,688); 6. “X” Strikers (2,667); 7. Pin Pals (2,611); 8. NUSANTARA (2,438) and 9. SKARZ (2,410).

Second Round Standings: 1. Cozmo Lane Masters (5,809); 2. Pongky Strikers (5,621); 3. Haribon Slazers (5,497); 4. X-Pin DBowls (5,466); 5. “X” Strikers (5,416); 6. Swooping Eagles (5,278); 7. NUSANTARA (5,259); 8. Pin Pals (5,193) 9. SKARZ (4,839).

By Rocky DG Delos Reyes



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