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Court to hear Akbar murderer’s mother’s testimony on May 10

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KUWAIT CITY, April 26: The Criminal Court has set the session of May 10 to review the case filed against the mother of “Farah Akbar’s murderer” who is accused of contributing to false news published about the victim on the Twitter account of a news site, based on a complaint filed by Lawyer Abdul Mohsen Al-Qattan.

The Public Prosecution had charged the owner of the Twitter account with publishing articles that would harm the dignity of the victim’s family, in violation of law No. 8/2016 that regulates electronic media. It also charged the mother of the accused of publicly slandering the deceased in a manner which would damage her reputation and that of her family members.

The victim’s husband also testified during the investigations that the accused’s mother appeared in a video clip, which was posted on the Twitter account of the news site, in which she issued statements that would harm the dignity of their two daughters, as she claimed the existence of an emotional relationship between her accused son and his ex-wife before she was murdered.

This false information, or rather slander, was included in the investigation report, and it indicates how damaging and effective the action of the accused was in shaping the course of investigation. By Jaber Al-Hamoud Al-Seyassah Staff

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