Tuesday , August 21 2018

Court orders MoI to issue woman Kuwaiti nationality

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 4: The Administrative Section in the Court of Appeals instructed the Ministry of Interior to issue citizenship certificate to a Kuwaiti woman and cancelled the ministry’s decision on the non-issuance of citizenship certificate. The lawsuit filed by Attorney Nasser Al-Khreinaj on behalf of the plaintiff stated the latter was born in Kuwait to Kuwaiti parents. He pointed out the plaintiff’s acknowledgement of her Kuwaiti father was proven through a final court verdict which also dismissed the father’s denial of parentage. A l – K h r e i n a j asked the court to cancel the Cabinet’s decision to withdraw the citizenship of the plaintiff and instruct the Ministry of Interior to issue a citizenship certificate to his client. The First Instance Court cancelled the citizenship withdrawal decision but the government appealed, stressing the Administrative Section is not authorized to decide on citizenship lawsuits as these are part of sovereignty issues. The government asserted the plaintiff obtained citizenship fraudulently. Al-Khreinaj stressed the government failed to present evidence that his client obtained citizenship illegally. He also handed over to the court a file of documents including the final court verdict to support his argument. The father of the plaintiff said he will refer the lawsuit to Forensics where he intends to request for DNA test to prove the plaintiff is not his daughter. Al-Khreinaj argued the DNA test is not considered as proof as it violates the Sharia rule stating that proof of parentage should be through the marriage bed and by admission.

Trio acquitted: The Criminal Court acquitted three employees of General Department for Citizenship and Passport Affairs of charges of embezzlement and forgery. Two others were sentenced to four-year imprisonment for conniving with one of the employees for issuance of a passport at a cost of KD 4,000. The defense counsel Lawyer Ali Al-Ali, on behalf of the second defendant who works as data clerk in the department, stressed the invalidation of the arrest procedures and the lack of incriminating evidence against his client. The Public Prosecution had charged the first and second suspects in their capacity as employees of the department of embezzling the passport and taking the bribe of KD 4,000. It charged the third suspect and another unknown individual of forging official documents by doctoring the passport in a way that it appears original. They also forged official stamps.

‘Power meters stolen’: A Kuwaiti woman reported at Al-Mutla Police Station about the theft of electricity meters from her farm in Abdali area, reports Al-Anba daily. She said her farm had been deserted for some time and there was no watchman there, due to which the farm became a target for thieves. Meanwhile, a Kuwaiti citizen lodged a complaint at Qairawan Police Station to report that some unknown individuals driving a truck stole construction steel in front of a company where he works as legal representative. Investigations to find the thieves are ongoing. In addition, a 20-year old Kuwaiti citizen was arrested in possession of drugs from the parking lot of West Mishref Cooperative Society. Securitymen had suspected a 4WD vehicle parked in the area and decided to have a look at it. They found the youth in a disoriented state and they searched his vehicle to find a bag containing “Chemical” drug. When they checked his details, they found out that he is implicated in the disappearance of a Kuwaiti girl whom he was blackmailing her with her photographs.

By Jaber Al-Hamoud Al-Seyassah Staff

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