Sunday , September 23 2018

Court orders KD250 per month for ex-wife from day of divorce – Kuwaiti businessman jailed

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 8: The Personal Status Division in the Appeals Court, presided over by Judges Talal Al-Mutar and Ahmad Al-Ruweishid, amended the ruling of the Court of First Instance that had earlier instructed a man to pay KD 300 for three months to his exwife to complete her alimony, in addition to KD 1,200 which will be given through monthly installments of KD 100 and KD 50 for lawyer’s fees. The higher court issued the verdict, taking into consideration the expenses during the waiting period after the couple filed for divorce — KD 250 monthly starting from the date they got divorced until the completion of the period, as well as alimony of the same value for one year and KD 150 for lawyer’s fees. Lawyer for the woman, Attorney Mohammad Khalil Al-Qattan, argued that according to pieces of evidence, his client has not received even a penny from her ex-husband since they got divorced. He clarified the amount which the ex-husband claimed to have deposited into the woman’s account was for the recruitment of a housemaid. Al-Qattan cited Article 165 of Personal Status Law number 51/1984 stating that if a normal marriage is broken after consummating it, the ex-wife has the right to get compensation for her waiting period and alimony for a period not exceeding one year depending on the financial situation of the ex-husband, divided into monthly installments until the end of the period, unless the two parties agree on the amount and the mode of payment.

Businessman jailed: The Misdemeanor Court adjourned to April 11 the hearing of the case filed against 13 Kuwaiti citizens who are accused of hiding former lawmaker Musallam Al-Barrak to prevent his arrest. The Public Prosecution has ordered the arrest of the citizens after they hid Al- Barrak from police officers when the latter were trying to arrest him. Meanwhile, the Criminal Court presided over by Judge Abdullah Al-Othman sentenced a Kuwaiti businessman to sevenyear imprisonment with hard labor over a fraud case filed by Farwaniya Municipality against him concerning some stocks owned by him in Ardiya area.

Car vandalized: The Misdemeanor Court presided over by Judge Faisal Al-Yasin sentenced a Kuwaiti woman to three-month imprisonment with hard labor for destroying a luxury vehicle of her husband. According to the defense counsel representing the man Lawyer Abdulmohsen Al-Qattan, all evidences and proofs indicate that the defendant had committed the crime, stressing that those who commit minor aggression crimes must be sentenced to three-month imprisonment or fine worth KD 2,250, as per Article 163 of the Penal Code.

Case filed: A case was filed against a Kuwaiti couple for humiliating a police officer on duty, reports Al-Anba daily. In details, a security source revealed the officer issued a traffic citation to a young Kuwaiti woman who expressed her resentment. She then accused the policeman of flirting with her, indicating she refused to keep his cell phone number. The woman made a phone call to her husband who also humiliated the policeman.

By Jaber Al-Hamoud Al-Seyassah Staff

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