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Court orders citizen to pay whole dowry to virgin wife – No rape … girl abducted, freed

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 14: The Court of First Instance, chaired by Judge Khalid Al-Hajeri, instructed a citizen to pay the whole dowry to his wife who is still a virgin. In details, the woman married the defendant as per a legal contract in which there is a note saying that the KD3,000 dowry was not paid. The couple has not yet organized their wedding nor consummated the marriage. Attorney Ayed Al-Rasheedi disclosed the husband and his client stayed several times alone inside the house of the woman’s father but they did not consummate the marriage. He cited Article 61 in arguing in court that the husband must pay the dowry once he stayed alone with his wife in a closed room.

No rape … : A Bedoun man accused an unknown person riding a Lancer of kidnapping his 13-year old daughter at around 5:00 am. In a complaint with security operatives, the man said the kidnapper returned the girl approximately one hour later. The girl said she lost consciousness and wasn’t aware of the whole episode. The police are looking for the suspect. The man narrated his daughter was kidnapped in front of the family residence, and after she was brought back, the mother took her to Jahra Hospital for examination. However, there was no trace of defilement, except she lost consciousness for some time. She was referred to Forensics for proper screening, and Jahra detectives have since been trailing the suspect.

Grandpa gets custody: Personal Status Section at the Court of First Instance in Farwaniya Governorate chaired by Judge Mohammad Al-Jasmi granted the custody of a grandchild to the grandmother, and denied the child’s maternal aunt the request. On behalf of the child’s aunt, Attorney Faisal Duhairan Aba Al-Khayl filed a lawsuit against the child’s father, and requested the custody right after her sister’s death (mother of the child). In a previous session, the court granted the custody to the child’s aunt, but the verdict was appealed with documented evidences indicating the father is not a fellow citizen and that he should not be treated unfairly. Subsequently, the court nullified the previous verdict and ordered a fresh hearing at the lower court. Attorney Aba Al-Khayl tendered relevant documents to the Court of First Instance showing that the father is a Saudi and laws of his country should be applied, so the paternal grandmother requested the court to grant her custody on behalf of her son (father of the child) based on the Hanbali doctrine, which gives the father precedence over the aunt in a child’s custody after the death of the mother.

Man gets daughter: The Personal Status Court chaired by Judge Ahmad Al- Duwaikh ruled in favor of a Kuwaiti man and gave him the custody of his daughter which was given earlier to the mother. The Attorney for the plaintiff Zainab Al- Ramzi pleaded with the court on behalf of her client and requested that the custody of the daughter, the only child of the couple, be given to the mother. This is in addition to KD 60 for the daughter’s sustenance. The woman had earlier won the custody of the child, but the husband proved to the court that she had violated certain conditions. So, he requested the court to overturn the earlier ruling and also deny the right for monthly expenses.

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