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Sunday , January 26 2020

Court grants Kuwaiti man to divorce his wife for disrespecting and abusing him

The Family Court granted a request filed by a Kuwaiti citizen to divorce his wife and cancelled all her entitlements and due financial rights, and again obliged the woman to return the dowry of KD6000 to the man based on her misconduct. Attorney Ali-Jowhar on behalf of the husband submitted a request for the dissolution of marriage contract with the wife and return of KD6000 dowry she received from the man. The lawyer stated that his client lived together with the wife in a furnished house and he treated her well but she continued to disrespect the man and abused him at all times.

The lawyer explained that his client took the woman to Italy for a visit and when he tried to approach her, she became incensed and insisted on canceling the rest of the tour. He was forced to bring her back to Kuwait through which the man incurred extra costs, as they had to cut short their trip before the due date. To his surprise, the woman’s family took her to their house and she refused to come back to him despite the huge sums he had spent on her

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