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Sunday , November 18 2018

Court acquits mom, girls of insulting dad’s ex-wife

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 23: The Court of Cassation nullified the verdict of the Appeals Court that sentenced a woman and her two daughters to one month in prison for allegedly insulting ex-wife of their father and her new husband. The apex court thereby acquitted all three suspects of the offense. The first, second and third suspects were charged for verbally assaulting the plaintiff and her husband in public in a way that tarnished their image. In their defense, Lawyer Faisal Al-Otaibi argued that his clients were accused wrongly, especially as the alleged insult could not be proved by witnesses.

Inmates absolved: The Criminal Court acquitted three prisoners who were accused of assaulting a fellow inmate in the Central Prison and causing severe injuries to him. The victim testified at the Public Prosecution that the first and second suspects attacked him while the third suspect held him down in order to stop him from resisting. During interrogations, the three suspects denied the accusation, revealing that the complainant had a fight with other inmates but they were surprised when he named them as his assailants. Representing the suspects was Lawyer Ahmad Abdulkarim, who insisted that the circumstances of the lawsuit put question marks on the validity of the incident especially since there are no concrete evidences against his clients besides the contradicting statements of the plaintiff. He called for the acquittal of the suspects and the court ruled in his favor.

Verdict upheld: The Court of Appeals upheld the verdict of the Court of First Instance that dismissed an application for KD 20,000 compensation filed by a chief investigator in a government department against an investigator from the same office. The demand was premised on moral and financial damages incurred when the latter reported the appellant to the Prosecutor General who cleared him of the allegation. The appellant explained the respondent violated an administrative procedure by sitting on a case file that concerned a government department. He referred the respondent to the Disciplinary Panel, but four months after the referral, the respondent submitted a petition to the Prosecutor General against the chief. He accused the chief of forgery, and the case was referred to the Misdemeanor Court where the latter was cleared of the offense. Lawyer Mubarak Al-Khashab representing the respondent declared the demand for compensation was out of place and contradicted the provisions of law. He noted his client as an investigator has the constitutional right to submit a petition against the chief.

‘I did my duty’: The Court of Appeals upheld the verdict of the lower court which acquitted Al-Sabah Health District Director Dr Afrah Al-Sarraf of damaging welfare of the Health Ministry and the patients. The Public Prosecution had earlier charged Al-Sarraf, in her capacity as former director of Amiri Hospital and a government employee in the ministry, with causing enormous damages to the ministry’s welfare together with other employees due to her mistakes in performing her duties, in addition to her negligence which negatively affected patients. However, the court acquitted her as she presented evidence that she followed all procedures and issued circulars to doctors in operating rooms and the hospital in general. She proved that her actions as director of the hospital were in line with the regulations of the ministry.

By Jaber Al-Hamoud Al-Seyassah Staff

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