Friday , February 22 2019

Converting of Visit Visa to Dependent Visa

My wife’s dependent visa application has been rejected and I have been issued a visit visa for 3 months. The reason is the 1 month less validity of the Passport (it is valid for 23 months) and we approached passport office in India to renew the document but the office told us they only renew passports with less than 1 year validity. We will apply for a new passport after they visit Kuwait .

Please let us know the dependent visit visa can be converted into residency. We have PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) from India.

Please advise.

Name withheld

Answer: Under the current Kuwait laws, visit visas can’t be converted to dependent visas except for infants ( two years and under).

So, you have to return to your country before the expiry of the visit visas. You will then have to reapply for the dependent visas once you get your new passports.

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