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Monday , September 26 2022

Consumption of food during Ramadan rises by 40 percent – ‘Wastage is about 50 pc’

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Director of Society Development Department at Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor Nadia Al-Azmi affirmed the success of the Iftar project at social development centers on the first day of the month of Ramadan. In a press release, she revealed that Iftar meals were distributed in four social development centers on the first day. Al-Azmi expressed appreciation for those involved in organizing the activities and providing not only the meals but also the carpets and other necessary items.

KUWAIT CITY, May 29: Food consumption in Kuwait during the month of Ramadan has increased up to 40 percent, as per statistics compiled from the sales centers.

According to sources, such rate of food consumption has led to increase in the expenditures related to food such that they range between KD 1,500 and KD 2,500 per Kuwaiti family.

This is less than half of the average expenditure of expatriate families residing in the country. The sources stressed that this overshadows the real need, but traditions that have been followed for at least two decades have imposed themselves and extended to reach different segments of society, irrespective of the level of income.

They lamented that this practice has reached such an extent that the rate of food wastage during Ramadan is about 50 percent on an average.

The sources as well as sales centers explained that expenditures over foodstuffs and consumer needs during the month of Ramadan have risen to reach KD 500 million among citizens, as compared to KD 250 million of the expenditures of expatriates.

Meanwhile, on the first day of Ramadan, inspection teams at the Department of Charitable Societies in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor issued 8 violations on their visit to some 20 mosques and trading centers authorized to collect donations.

In this context, Assistant Undersecretary for Development in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor Hassan Kazem stated the violations of charitable societies in question had to do with schedules and collection of financial donates in packages, noting the societies have been warned against repeating the act.

He added an inspection team issued a violation at the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training regarding a call made for collecting donations there. He added the Minister of Information was also addressed on violations committed by a media institute in that regard.

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