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Wednesday , April 24 2019

Consumers must take stand against ‘counterfeit’ goods

Thinking of starting a business by selling counterfeit products? You have to know laws on the rights of consumers, or else, you will face the dire consequences of violating such laws.

Unfortunately, a lot of people and merchants are dealing with counterfeit goods although they are not aware of the Commercial and Consumer Protection laws.

The Consumer Protection Law states that goods should be originally manufactured by the main producer and distributed in the territory by the producer’s agents and subagents.

However, this is not happening because a lot of merchants deal with unknown manufacturers in China, for example, and other Far East countries in order to produce counterfeit goods with cheap prices and then they introduce these products as original; thereby, deceiving consumers.

The role of the consumer protection authority is to protect the consumers within the territory and prohibit the distribution of counterfeit goods in the country’s markets.

Each consumer must know whom they are dealing with, and they must be aware of their rights when they get involved in this scam.

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By Atyab Alshatti, Esq.

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