Thursday , October 18 2018

Company, workers … citizen falls victim to permit traders

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 8: A citizen, identified Hassan, was surprised when he was informed that he owns a company and he is listed among the visa traders as the supposed company has 100 employees, reports Al-Rai daily.

Hassan had so many questions in his mind upon hearing such news: What will you do if you wake up one morning to find yourself owning a company that you had no idea about? What will you do if you discover that 100 employees are registered under this company and you are the last to know about it?

What will you do if the concerned authorities approach you instructing you to pay fines for employee-related violations in the Labor Department, but in reality, you have no link with any of the employees?

Last but not least, what will you do if you discover that your company does not exist and it has no file in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor?

Speaking to the daily, Hassan disclosed he would not have known about the company if he did not process some transactions in the Labor Department, as the employee at the counter informed him that his transaction cannot be processed unless he pays KD 750 for one of his employees.

Hassan was bewildered, although the employee was more bewildered to realize that he had no idea about the company of which, to make the matters more interesting, he discovered has 100 employees registered under it.

In his attempt to find the file of the company, the officials in the concerned department informed him that the company has no file in the ministry.

However, through the work permits of his supposed employees, the matter became clear as it turned out Hassan fell victim to a person whom he agreed with four years ago to transfer ownership of the company under his name, as he gave the latter a power of attorney to do so.

It appears the person took advantage of the power of attorney and continued to manage the company without the knowledge of Hassan.

Hassan then went to the General Department of Immigration Detectives where he filed absconding cases against all his ‘employees’.

Together with his lawyer, he also filed a case against his partner whom he accused of forgery and breach of trust. Nonetheless, the story about the missing file has yet to be cleared — if there has been a conspiracy to hide it and how the violations surfaced.

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