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Company is telling to say ” Indemnity Received” during cancellation at the Immigration Department

I have worked in a company for 5-1/2 years. The company terminated me giving three months notice period and I served all the three months. Now, I would like to cancel my residence and move to another country. The company is saying it will settle my indemnity after I cancel the residence and want me to tell during cancellation at the Immigration Department that I received full indemnity. My question is what can I do if they don’t settle my indemnity after cancelling the residence. The company has a bad reputation of not settling the indemnity so that is the reason I am worried. Waiting for your urgent reply as I need to cancel and move.

Name withheld

Answer: Since you say the company has a bad reputation of not settling the indemnity of their workers, make sure you don’t fall into the company’s trap by telling the Immigration official you have received your entitlement, when in reality you haven’t.

To be on the safer side, insist that the company carry a cheque indicating the total amount of your indemnity to the Immigration Department to be presented to you in the presence of the Immigration Officer before you sign any document presented to you.

If the company fails to do that file a case at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour through the Labour Department in your area for nonpayment of indemnity

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