Tuesday , December 18 2018

Company holding indeminty

I am working in a private company. My visa is unlimited contract. I joined the company in Feb 2015 as Head of Sales. Company terminated my services in May 2017 and gave me 3 months notice period. After that I have joined a new company and transferred my residency in the month of October 2017.

They are holding my end of services and pending salary till now. It is now almost 4 months after the transfer of my residence. Company told me that they were processing my dues (by email) in Jan 2018 and will make payment in Feb 2018.

Name withheld

Answer: At any point in time if you are convinced that the company is playing games with you and has no intention to settle what is due you, you can file a complaint with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour through the labour department in your area to seek redress. In short there is no time limit for filing a complaint-with the ministry but to make your case easier we advise that you should not over delay in filing the complaint. Our view is that four months are enough for them to have settled their obligations towards you.

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