Saturday , February 16 2019

What to do if company file is closed and employees residence is effected

I have heard that as some big companies are not paying the salaries of their staff, the relevant ministry has started “holding” or “closing” the companies files for visa processing.

This action ultimately affects the employees not the employer. So many employees living with their families are affected by the need to get valid residency. But with the ministry holding off on stamping visas for employees, their family have to survive without valid residency, because it is the employee who is the sponsor of his family.

But without a valid visa, the employee is unable to get his family visa which will result in the employee having to pay a fine for the duration the family is unable to get residence.

Can you people find a way through which the employees will not have to face such a problem because of the companies negligence or their mistakes…?

Name withheld

Answer: There is a very easy way around this problem … if you have the will to take such an action. Just take the company to court. This is the only way, if a company’s file is closed, to overcome this hurdle. The court will order that you be released and transferred to a new sponsor.

More important is the fact that you won’t have to pay any fine as long as your case is in court. You can also take the company to court over the fine issue.

It is because your company’s negligence that you might end up paying a fine, so you can sue it for the amount of the fine plus some amount for the unnecessary tension that you suffered as a result.

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