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Wednesday , April 21 2021

Company demanding immediate cancellation of visa and exit

I am working in a private firm in Kuwait and received an opportunity to study abroad in Germany. I had discussed about this opportunity with my management and they told me verbally that I would have to serve three months notice period after submitting my resignation. So I applied for my German visa at Kuwait German embassy which will be processed only by August last week and I have to collect the visa personally. I tendered my resignation to the company all the while informing them about my visa status. But now they are ordering the immediate cancellation of my visa and to exit Kuwait. I need to stay back in Kuwait at least till August last to get my German visa. Is there anything I can do about this situation?

Name withheld

Answer: The company is wrong in demanding the immediate cancellation of your visa and exiting the country. The three-month notice period prior to resignation or termination is mandatory and incumbent on both parties to respect it. The company will therefore be breaking the law if they go ahead and insist that you leave the country unceremoniously. To forestall this, we advise that you file a complaint with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour if you come to the conclusion that the company is hell-bent on carrying out their threat.

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