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Thursday , October 17 2019

‘Commercial licence holders can transfer files to small enterprises’

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 20: Holders of commercial licenses are allowed to transfer their files to small enterprises in accordance with the terms and conditions for registering small enterprises, reports Al-Anba quoting an official source in the Public Authority for Manpower.

The source revealed that among the conditions are: the owner of enterprise should be a Kuwaiti national, holds a valid commercial license, registered in the social security fund (fifth chapter), not more than 45 years old, not a retiree or student, the enterprise is not among the prohibited ones as stipulated in the ministerial decision on small enterprises and the foreign partner’s capital – if any – should not exceed 20 percent.

On the prohibited activities, the source said activities related to contracting work, consultations, cigarettes, tobacco, elevators, escalators, taxis, rental cars, transportation of goods including valuable materials, security guards, call taxis, clearing and forwarding agents, summits, exhibitions, camps, catering services, renting of equipment and tools, and air conditioning units.

The source explained that upon opening a file, the enterprise owner gets five slots of employees, while a single project can have maximum of 100 employees and the owner can register maximum of five enterprises. On manpower, the enterprise owner is allowed to hire workers from outside the country and their work permits can be transferred to similar activity after working for at least three years.

Head and spokesman of ‘Meta Noskon’ (‘When will we accommodate?’) Campaign Mesham Al-Hajeri has confirmed that the concerned authorities, topped by Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), approved the proposal to hand over land measuring 4,600 square meters in South Abdullah Al-Mubarak to the Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW) to pave way for the implementation of a housing project in the area, reports Al-Anba daily. Al-Hajeri made the statement in a meeting at Kuwait Municipality recently in the presence and cooperation of Municipal Council members Naif Al-Soor and Ahmad Al-Beghaili. He added that around 3,600 apartments will be constructed on the land.

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